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Patients Respond Favorably to Low Back Pain Treatment From Guam Chiropractor

Low Back Pain Guam Chiropractic

Years of neglecting your spine can take a toll on your body.Improper lifting, poor posture, over exertion, auto accidents, work injuries, sports injuries, poor physical conditioning, improper diet, obesity, stress and a whole host of other problems can all lead to low back pain and injury. Dr. Rod White at Advanced Chiropractic Guam specifically addresses the cause of your low back pain with precision testing, expert knowledge and years of chiropractic experience. Utilizing conservative chiropractic care (spinal manipulation) and other therapies, Dr. White helps you heal quickly and safely from many of the most common low back problems (without drugs or surgery).

For the most part, the lumbar spine consists of the bottom five spinal segments. This includes the lumbar vertebrae (bones), the intervertebral discs that separate the vertebrae, the ligaments that hold the spinal segments tightly together, the muscles and tendons that attach to the vertebrae, the spinal nerves that exit between the vertebrae, the spinal cord that travels in the center of the vertebrae (spinal canal), the soft tissues surrounding the spinal segments and the vascular supply that carries blood and nutrition (among other things).

Guam Chiropractor Treats Low Back Pain

The lumbar spine is constantly under load from the weight of the upper body and the compressive forces of gravity. Throw in a contributing factor such as poor posture or an improper lift and suddenly your experiencing intense low back pain. Using chiropractic spinal adjustments and other useful techniques, Dr. Rod White at Advanced Chiropractic Guam can treat most of the common low back problems described below.

Low Back Pain Guam ChiropracticFacet Syndrome – 31% of all facet syndrome cases occur in the lumbar spine. Untreated, facet syndrome can progress to spinal osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition also known as spondylosis. The lumbar facets are small joints in the lumbar spine that are surrounded by a capsule and make up approximately 20% of the twisting or rotational stability of the low back. The facet joints also prevent the vertebrae from slipping forwards or backwards. When the facet joints become misaligned or irritated, tiny nerve fibers within the joint and surrounding capsule will generate constant pain and cause lumbar muscles to spasm.

Sprains and Strains – Sprains occur when ligaments and joint capsules are taken beyond their normal limits and become over-stretched and possibly torn. Ligaments are tissues that hold bones closely together and joint capsules surround joints and provide stability. Sprains occur when muscles and tendons are over-stretched or torn. Muscles provide strength to the skeletal structure and tendons attach muscle to bone. When sprains and strains occur, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint capsules can illicit tremendous pain.

Herniated Disc Guam ChiropracticHerniated Discs – The spinal vertebrae are separated from one another by cartilage pads called discs. The discs are comprised of an outer ring of fibrous cartilage and a soft gel-like center nucleus. When the tough outer fibers are torn or damaged, the wall of the disc becomes weak and begins to bulge allowing the nucleus to migrate away from the center of the disc. If the herniated disc bulges far enough, pinching or pressure can be exerted on the spinal nerves causing excruciating pain. Pain that radiates into the buttocks or down the legs is called Sciatica. Other common names for herniated discs are bulging discs, slipped discs, protruding discs or degenerated discs. It should be noted that herniated discs can cause pressure on nerves to the bladder and bowels, causing incontinence. This constitutes an emergency and immediate medical attention is imperative.

Sciatica – Pain that radiates (radiculopathy) from the low back into the buttocks and down the legs is referred to as sciatica. The sciatic nerve is comprised of the lumbar spinal nerves that travel from the low back down the legs and into the feet. Pain, numbness, pins and needles or a burning sensation are common signs of sciatica. The most common cause of sciatica is misaligned vertebrae that pinch or exert pressure on the lumbar spinal nerves, resulting in radiculopathy. Sciatic pain can vary from dull and achy to sharp and stabbing. Loss of lumbar range of motion and muscle stiffness are also associated with sciatica.

Guam Chiropractic Community

There is broad acceptance within the Guam chiropractic community, as well as the Guam medical community, that lumbar problems such as sciatica and herniated discs should be treated conservatively first with chiropractic care before more invasive treatments are attempted such as hospitalization, addictive drugs and surgery (unless spinal manipulation is contraindicated). Dr. White, a Guam chiropractor, has been treating difficult spinal cases on Guam and serving the Guam chiropractic community since 2008. To schedule an appointment with Dr. White, please call Advanced Chiropractic at 648-2225.

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